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Hi, I am Aunty Muriel – I have been a Tupperware demonstrator for over 40 years.  I am here to tell you how Tupperware will improve your food preparation, cooking, serving and storage.

Use Tupperware at home and on the go and be healthier with this fantastic range of products.

I will do demonstrations and answer any questions you have, as the usage of many products can be enhanced by knowing the correct way in which to use them.

There are few things that you can buy today that are backed by a person who has vast knowledge, expertise and is passionate about the product and serving customers.

Tupperware is such a product and I am such a person and will make sure you get the best out of your purchase.

Join our team

Ask me how to join our team of Tupperware demonstrators or hold a Tupperware party of your own.

Lifetime Guarantee

Tupperware products are proudly backed by a Lifetime and Quality Guarantee. Buy Tupperware with Confidence.

The Tupperware brand

The Tupperware brand is known for its design focused preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home. We supply a premium quality product.

Food Storage

Our exclusive containers are airtight and stackable keeping food fresh and delicious.


Drinkware, Tumblers, Plates & Trays, Serving Bowls and Serving Utensils for the table.

Cookware & Bakeware

Bakeware, Cookware, Ovenware, Pots and Pans are available

Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools, utensils, and clever gadgets to make meal preparation quicker and easier.

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Host a Tupperware Party

Tupperware is about an experience.

When you own a Tupperware product, it sees you through experiences – think about :

  • The lunch box you pack for your child for the first day at school; or
  • Going for a run and having ice-cold water in the bottle that will not leak; or
  • Packing as much as you can into a little Tupperware holder for a day-long walk along the beach; or
  • Re-organising your kitchen with quality containers that work.

Tupperware is there to stay with you.

When you host a Tupperware party (even in these times) we will arrange everything ! We know how to throw a party…

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