Would anyone like a drink?

In this demo, I show you a 2 liter pitcher, goblets and tray. These are great products for having a family picnic, or making it fund for the kids to have an old fashioned “coke float”

Welcome from your Aunty Muriel

Hello – and welcome to my Tupperware demo website.

I have been a Tupperware demonstrator for many years, and would love to show you the beautiful quality of Tupperware. All the products are made for life, and that is backed up with a solid lifetime guarantee.

I welcome you to ask me to demonstrate a product for you, or let me know if you need help with product knowledge, care and usage, practicality or general advise.

Tupperware demonstrators are not only there to take orders, we build relationships with you and your Tupperware family.

Nou gaan ons braai!

I firm favourite for South Africans is the braai! In this demo, I will show you the benefits of having a little marinader and a large marinader. Don’t let the colour fool you, this is much better than a braai bak!