1,2,3 Luncher Set

Original price was: R279.00.Current price is: R159.00.

Consists of:
1 x 1,2,3 Luncher
1 x Eco Bottle – 500ml

Features and Benefits:
• Tupperware reinvents the lunch box with the 1,2,3 Luncher! Thanks to the innovative pull and lift
system, you can now open your lunch box easier, faster and better! The cover lifts by itself by just
pulling the front clip – what could be easier?
• Take it everywhere with you, thanks to its backpack-ready size and versatile two-compartment
design. Made for everybody, it’s the ideal solution for kids to go to school and adults to go to
• Cover: protects food from being squashed and has stoppers which allows you to open the container in 2 different positions - 90 degrees or fully open.
• Opening Clip: large front clip allows for very easy opening and closing. Clip has a dedicated area to place a name sticker or label making it easier to identify!
• Divider: keeps food separate (two divisions 530ml and 210ml)
• Tabs: two large tabs on the front help holding base while opening cover.
• Large compartment is ideal for sandwiches, rolls, bagels, wraps, green salad, pasta salad etc
• Small compartment is ideal for small fruits, snacks, nuts, biltong and carton drinks.
• Square Eco Bottle (500ml) is included in the set.