Allegra Tumblers with Seals 4x 450ml

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Consists of:
4x Allegra Tumblers 450ml
4x Seals

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Features and Benefits:
• Its attractive design matches perfectly with the existing Allegra range. The Tumbler is designed in two
contrasting colours and like a seashell; it features a matte, slightly textured exterior (the outer shell) and smooth, shiny interior (the inner shell).
• With its modern, simple and dynamic look, the tall Tumbler can be used anywhere with different
kinds of food and drinks and for any occasion.
• With its 450 ml capacity, the Allegra Tumbler can be used for desserts, starters, or for enjoying a
drink while on break.
• The Allegra Tumbler has a liquid and air- tight seal and can therefore be used, not only at home, but also for taking with you to work or picnics (when transported vertically). Once the seal is applied it is easy to transport the Tall Cup back and forth between the fridge and serving table or car. There is no risk of
spillage in the fridge, on the floor, or the serving table.
• The Tumbler features small feet on the base which makes it stable on tabletops, even when there is a metal spoon inside.
•Several Tumblers can be easily nested, when empty, for compact storage. The seals nest on top.