Aloha Double Plates – 2x 700ml


Consists of:
2x Aloha Double Plates – 700ml


Features and Benefits:
• Design – colourful, practical and stylish.
• Multipurpose use – shallow plate/seal (360ml) and deep plate (700ml) seal together for perfect storage and on-the-go use.
• Spill safe seal – perfect for transporting food.
• Longer tabs on the seal – allow for easy gripping.
• Durable for everyday use and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
• The raised Double Plate seal allows extra room for toppings or garnishes, so food doesn’t get squished.
• Lightweight and unbreakable, perfect for children that tend to drop , spill and make a mess when learning how to eat on their own.
• Kids (and adults) will enjoy their snacks, salads, pastas, rice, desserts and fruit more than ever with the Aloha Double Plates.