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Consists of:
1x Beater


Features and Benefits:
• Number of whisks (6): was studied to ensure optimal mixing results and storage.
• Thin and flexible whisks prevent damage to preparations.
• Sturdy, ergonomic handle with soft grip element. Handle designed both for left or right-hand use
• Shape of the head is oval for:
-Ease of use: the specific shape of the head gives less resistance for easy, thorough mixing as the preparation flows through the whisks without staying trapped inside the head of the Beater
-Storage: easy storage in drawers or cupboards.
• The whisks have a Teardrop shape: ensures optimal mixing in bowls. The teardrop shapes enables a better reach of the bottom and sides of the mixing bowls as you stir and mix.
• End of whisks are rounded off: This protects delicate products, such as Ultra Pro or Microcook, from scratches.
• Thanks to the specific shape of the head, the Beater rests vertically inside bowls and pitchers, on cutting boards, or on countertops with little risk of falling over
• The KPT Beater is also very easy to clean, since you can easily wash the head
• Efficient mixing of all types of preparations such as omelets, sauces, creams, melted chocolate and light batters.
• Easier mixing than with regular beaters, thanks to the specific shape of the head
• The KPT Beater can be used to blend powders to liquid solutions; for example, pancake dough that needs to be combined with milk.
• Use the KPT Beater to emulsify all types of sauces, such as béarnaise sauce, dressing sauces, aïoli, cocktail sauce, etc. The heat resistance of the KPT Beater of 120°C makes the product suitable to use for these preparations

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