Blossom Bowl – 4,3L

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Consists of:
1x Blossom Bowl – 4,3L


Features and Benefits:
• The Blossom Bowls consist of round bowls with their seals. The insides of the bowl are in a nicely designed, round shape that facilitates mixing and serving.
• This range is created for serving food when entertaining friends at home.
• The seals have an edge all around with an integrated tab, making it very easy to open the bowl.
• The seals are specially designed to be used as a one-touch seal. Simply press in the middle of the seal to close.
• The one-touch area on the seal is indicated by a radiating wave in the middle of the seal surface.
• The Blossom Bowls have a liquid-tight seal to prevent spills and protect contents before and after serving in the fridge or on the countertop.
• The bottom, inside the bowls, and the external surface have been etched to prevent scratching.
• The integrated foot rim at the bottom of the bowls prevents damaging the working and serving surfaces.
• All together, the bowls and seals are very space-saving when not in use as they can all be nested perfectly, taking up just the space of the 4.3L bowl..