Bread Server and Butter Dish – 500g

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Consists of:
1 x Bread Server
1 x Butter Dish – 500gL


Features and Benefits:
Bread Server:
Generous space for 2 loaves of bread.

Modern and stylish look.

It is the perfect solution to use at home to take the bread from your countertop to the table and enjoy a nice breakfast with your family!

Perfect for outdoor entertaining and serving.

Use the Bread Server to store different types of bread products – i.e. loaves, savoury or sweet, bread rolls, bakery rolls, muffins, non-filled pastries such as croissants.

Bake your favourite home-made bread or bring it fresh from the bakery, wait until it cools down and then store it in the Bread Server.

Keeps contents fresh thanks to special grooves, which allow air to circulate.

The Butter Dish:
Complements the Bread Server perfectly
Stores a 500g block of butter or margarine.