Coffee-to-Go (490ml) – Pink

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Consists of:
1 x Coffee-to-Go (490ml) – Pink


Features and Benefits:
● The disposable cups from coffee shops are nice for pictures on Instagram, but they are also non-recyclable and are filling the garbage in the street or end up in landfills!
● Climate change, pollution, waste and depletion of our resources are more and more in the centre of interest. For these reasons, Tupperware is focusing even more on sustainable solutions to help reduce waste and contribute to a better environment. The Coffee-to-Go Cup is the solution to reduce one of the biggest worldwide waste: disposable coffee cups.
● Cover: Has a large tab for easy opening, ergonomic drinking spout, silicone plug to safely close the drinking spout for easy travel (spill proof) and drinking and a venting hole for smooth flow of liquid while drinking.
● Tumbler: Has a large capacity of 490ml which is the perfect size to take on the go and fits inmost car cup holders.
● Sleeve: Removable and fixed to the tumbler thanks to a bayonet system. It allows you to safely hold the cup when it is filled with hot liquid and protect your hand against heat.
● A convenient solution to take with you from home, when buying takeaway coffee/beverages – reusable and refillable!