Colander and Oval Server – 4L

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Consists of:
1x Colander and Oval Server – 4L


Features and Benefits:
● The Oval Serving Dish has the flared profile of the Table Collection with slim handles for serving. The combination of fine texture and high gloss adds to the elegant styling.
● The cover fits neatly on the Server with or without the colander in place.
● All three components have the same handle design for easy grip and when fitted together, a little space between each handle gives finger space and an elegant finish.
● Inverted, the cover becomes an attractive oval serving plate and the server can be used as a cover on it, fitting just inside the raised rim.
● The cover is a useful tray for different dishes of the Table Collection.
● The pattern and shape of holes in the colander ensure that foods will drain thoroughly and quickly. They also enhance the attractive design.
● The rims on the base of the colander hold it above the worktop surface for draining.
● The slim divider snaps firmly into opposite slots in the sides of the colander at whatever position you choose, giving flexibility to suit the food being served.
● To remove the divider, simply flex the sides of the colander to lift it out.

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