Cookie Canister 1,5L


Consists of:
1x Cookie Canister 1,5L


Features and Benefits:
• The Cookie Canister is a countertop storage container for cookies that can also be used as a serving dish on the table.
• A generous tab ensures that the seal is easy to remove for everyone, allowing everyone in the family to get to their favourite cookie at any time of the day.
• The Canister is shallow and has a wide opening making it easy to place and remove the food.
• The Canister is suitable for storing foods or other items in the cupboard, on the countertop, in the drawer, in the fridge and even while on-the-go.
• The air and watertight seal protects the contents from the environment such as outside humidity, dirt, dust or bugs. It keeps contents crisp and fresh. The secure seal also ensures that the Canister does not spill onto the environment, e.g. in your backpack or bag. As a result, this Canister is also suitable for storing and transporting high water content, juicy foods.
• The canister can be sealed and unsealed securely; quick and easy for everyone.
• Several Cookie Canisters can be stacked. The design detail on the seal locks the canister on top.