CrystalWave and Eco Bottle Set

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Consists of:
1x CrystalWave Round Set – 600ml
2x Eco Bottle – 750ml


Features and Benefits:
Features and benefits:
ECO Bottle – 750ml
• A sustainable solution: ideal for home water conservation, reusable, and environmentally friendly.
•The Eco Bottle with Flip Top Cap is the perfect and sustainable solution for taking on-the-go water or any other non-carbonated, cold liquids.
•Thanks to its shape, it fits in the fridge door.
•The Easy Drink Cap is designed to make it more comfortable to drink directly from the bottle. The small opening safely regulates the flow while drinking from it. .
•Thanks to the sturdy hinge, the cap stays in open position while drinking. .
•Ideal for on-the-go purposes as you can easily drink from it while walking, doing sports or any other outdoor activity.

• The CrystalWave Round – 600ml
Offers a great solution to take a home-made dish, leftovers or soup on-the-go and reheat it on the spot. It can also be used straight from fridge to microwave to table, saving valuable time.
• Both the container and the seal are made of CrystalWave material that can resist temperatures between 0°C to 120°C so you can use it for reheating applications in the microwave and save time.
• Round seal is liquid-tight and all the seals have a liquid-tight toggle valve. The valve should be in open position before reheating to release steam while reheating. The polished indent on the textured valve makes it easy to know where to press on the valve to open it. The valve should be closed to seal tightly to maintain freshness in the refrigerator so the food can be prepared ahead, ready to reheat.
• The seal has a larger tab, which makes it easier to open the container even when it is full. The seals are all provided with a rim so that the stacked container does not slip as its feet rest into the seal rim.