CrystalWave Soup Mug Set of 2

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Consists of:
2x CrystalWave Soup Mugs


Features and Benefits:
● safe at temperatures from 0°C to 120°C, the CrystalWave mug is very handy for reheating and then serving a portion of soup or leftovers in the microwave oven.
● can be used straight from fridge to microwave to table, saving valuable time.
● the unique silicone valve on the seal releases steam while reheating, and the seal will stop any splashing in the microwave.
● push the silicone valve down in the middle (to open) before placing the sealed cup in the microwave oven.
● little raised feet on the bottom of the cup promote even reheating.
● a large tab on the seal makes it easy to peel off.
● remove the seal and you can drink from the cup directly, but be sure to stir and check the temperature first.
● with the large diameter, you may wish to use a spoon to eat, if you prefer..
● the large curved handle provides a secure grip when holding the mug and a tab opposite the handle gives support to your fingers without touching the hot mug.
● the unique silicone valve closes for a tight seal to maintain freshness in the refrigerator so the soup can be prepared ahead, ready to reheat.