Eco Bottle – 2L

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Consists of:
1x Eco Bottle – 2L


Features and Benefits:
● A sustainable solution: ideal for home water conservation, reusable, and environmentally friendly.
● Thanks to its shape, the Eco Bottle Round 2L fits in the refrigerator door.
● The Bottle is transparent so you can see the contents..
● Its ergonomic design allows you to easily grip the bottle and hold it securely while pouring.
● The removable handle makes the Bottle easy to carry and transport.
● The Easy Drink Cap was designed with a small opening to safely regulate the flow of the fluid, making it more comfortable to drink from.
● The water-tight Easy Drink Cap prevents spillage.
● The tab on the Easy Drink Cap makes it easy to open.
● Both parts of the Easy Drink Cap are attached to each other via a hinge. That way you do not need to hold any loose parts while drinking.
● Thanks to the sturdy hinge, the cap stays in the open position while drinking.
● The wide bottle mouth makes it easy to clean and refill; simply remove the Easy Drink Cap.
● The Bottle sits stable on tables, countertops and other flat surfaces.
● 100% BPA free!