Eco Bottle 750ml Sandwich Keeper Oblong Sets x2

Original price was: R536.00.Current price is: R259.00.

Consists of:
2 x Eco Bottle – 750ml
2 x Sandwich Keeper Oblong


Features and Benefits:

Eco Bottle (750ml) – the perfect and sustainable solution for transporting water or any other cold beverages in your bag, backpack, etc…

The bottle can be used on-the-go as well as in the fridge. Thanks to its shape, it also fits in the fridge door.

The watertight flip-top cap makes the Eco Bottle the perfect companion on-the-go and prevents any spillages. The flip-top cap is easy to drink from.

Sandwich Keeper Oblong – This versatile sandwich keeper is a useful shape for a filled hotdog roll or for different kinds of sandwiches and packed lunches for children and adults.

The Sandwich Keeper is made in one piece with a living hinge like the oysters and it
open and closes easily. Translucent and colourful, it will appeal to everyone.

The integrated closing device closes securely, ensuring it stays shut while being carried.

With the curved edges and no sharp corners, the oblong sandwich keeper will slip into
school bag, briefcase, handbag, gym bag or sports kit and is easy to clean.