Eco Water Filtration Pitcher – 2,1L

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Consists of:
1x Eco Water Filtration Pitcher – 2,1L


Features and Benefits:
• The Waterfilter Pitcher has a total capacity of 2.1L and can keep 1.8L of water. The sturdy double handle gives a safe grip and is comfortable to hold. Its slim profile makes it suitable to store in the fridge.
• The Hopper or reservoir is stable and fixed inside the Pitcher. There is a small step inside to indicate the maximum filling line. It is higher than the actual Pitcher and has two tabs for lifting it off easily. The spout cover protects the content from dust and insects.
• The universal Filter Cartridge is filled with the filtering granulate. This granulate can be easily poured inside the Cartridge. The Cartridge consists of 2 components (base and cover) and one Mesh which prevents the granulate from getting outside the filter system.
• The Cover slides onto the Hopper securely and a cap on the generous spout protects the content. The Cover also features good grips on the sides to remove gently. The Waterfilter Pitcher’s Dial is placed on the outside of the cover to indicate when the Cartridge content has to be changed.
• The Active Carbon Water Filtration Sachet provided is composed of Carbon/Ion Exchange Resin that filter water. It reduces lime scale (water hardness), taste and odours, heavy metals and substances like chlorine.
• For optimum filtration replace the Active Carbon every 4 weeks or 150L.