Exclusive Collections Serving Dish – 2L

Original price was: R450.00.Current price is: R359.00.

Consists of:
1x Exclusive Collections Serving Dish -2L


Features and Benefits:
• the elegant clear dishes have the open shape and gently flared rim of the Exclusive Collection bowls with coloured trim line and clear top band on the finely textured bowl.
• beautiful, unbreakable and lightweight, the clear dishes let the light onto the food so it looks sparkling fresh.
• the auto release cover is domed and it fits over the dish leaving space for the food to be appetisingly arranged and garnished ready to serve.
• close as a regular Tupperware seal – place the groove of the cover on the rim of the dish on the side nearest to you. Press the cover over the rim as you slide your thumbs along the cover edge and your fingers under the dish rim, forcing the last of the rim into the groove. Press the centre of the cover as you lift the tab and push out the excess air, tucking it back into place.
• the cover is easily removed, just press your thumb on the rim as you lift the tab with your fingers, then lift off the cover.
• the Exclusive Collection 3.5 and 6L bowls have the same diameters so the covers will also fit on these dishes / bowls.
• the auto release cover is liquid drop tight but the filled dish must be stored upright..