Festive Baking Set

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Consists of:
1 x That’s a Bowl (10L)
1 x Paddle Scraper


• The Tupperware classic round seal locks in freshness and flavor and makes this large mixing bowl an all-purpose bowl.
• The 10L capacity gives a generous size for mixing, storing and serving.
• The bowl has a comfortable shape to hold and the small bottom surface helps to make mixing easier and smoother.
• The hole built into the rim is shaped for the thumb to fit through so it becomes a handle and a sturdy grip.
• The bowl is lightweight so you only hold the weight of the ingredients.
• The inside of the bowl has a finely etched finish so the surface is not easily scratched while mixing.
• The high walls of That’s a Bowl reduce splashing when mixing large quantities.
• The shape and handle also have the advantage of making it easy to pour.
• You can prepare food ahead in large quantities and seal to serve later.
• Use the Paddle Scraper to mix and scrape out every last bit of dough, batter, mixture.