Freeze It – 1,3L


Consists of:
1x Freeze It – 1,3L


Features and Benefits:
• Invaluable for storing foods in the freezer, Freeze It containers are also useful in the refrigerator, on the shelf and around the house. This favourite set is now rejuvenated with modern etching.
• The containers are all modular for space saving, stack-easy storage.
• The sturdy containers are rigid to protect fragile foods but remain flexible at freezer temperatures, to — 25°C.
• Shaped to stack with no space wasted and yet allow air to circulate around the containers in the freezer to help to maintain a constant storage temperature, important for the best quality of frozen foods.
• A slight rim on the bottom allows air under the container for faster food freezing.
• The rectangular seal locks in freshness and protects the texture of foods, locking out moisture-robbing air.
• Round tabs on one of the seal corners make the seals easy to remove and minimum edges on the seals ensure maximum space saving.
• Out of the freezer, allow the containers to rest briefly before removing the seal.
• Though designed for freezer storage, the products are useful shapes for use in the refrigerator and for shelf storage and for many other storage needs.
• These hygienic freezer containers will last a lifetime, an investment which pays for itself over and over again.