Groovy Lunch Set Rating

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Consists of:
1 x Triangular Bottle – 750ml
1 x Little Luncher


Eco Bottle Features:
• The Eco Bottle has an ergonomic triangular design, easy to grip and hold securely while drinking.
• Flip-top cap for easy drinking. The hinge on the cap ensures it stays open while drinking.
• Liquid-tight cover to prevent spillage.
• Fits easily in the fridge and the shape makes it easy to stack more than 1.

Little Luncher Features:
• The durable Little Luncher is a great sized lunchbox to fit a filled roll, sandwich, bagel, pie and snacks.
• The compact Little Luncher is moulded in 1 piece, creating it’s own living hinge so the two halves stay together when the luncher is open.
• The Luncher is easy to open and close with the front ‘clasp’.