Ice Cube Tray – 300ml

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Consists of:
1x Ice Cube Tray – 300ml


Features and Benefits:
* this sealed ice tray is designed to keep ice cubes fresh and free from odours so cold drinks will be sure to taste fresh and delicious.
* because the tray is sealed it won’t spill on the way to the freezer, or in the freezer!
* with the slim profile and flat top, several trays can be stacked without taking up too much space.
* the special filler cap allows the tray to be filled with the large seal on and it is recessed to lie flat for stacking.
* to fill, press the seal firmly onto the tray with the cap open and position the hole under the cold tap. Slowly turn on the water and fill until the water comes to the top of the opening. Tilt the tray slightly so the water fills the entire tray [if the tray is too full the cubes will not be separated]. Close the cap and place the tray in the freezer.
* to turn out the ice cubes, peel off the seal by the large tab, then hold the handles firmly and twist the tray to release the ice cubes.
* the wide handles give a secure grip to lift and to carry.
* the tray is textured on the outside to hold comfortably and highly polished on the inside so the ice cubes slide out easily.
* made of flexible durable material, the tray flexes easily to turn out the ice.
* in the dishwasher, take care to position the tray and seal to lie flat so that they are not twisted.