Infuser Bottle with Strap 700ml


Consists of:
1x Infuser Bottle with Strap 700ml


Features and Benefits:
• The Infuser Bottle has two different ways to infuse citrus, berries, herbs, spices, tea leaves, and other fruits and vegetables:
The first way is to juice citrus fruit, like a lemon or lime, using the juicing cone.
The second way is to place berries, herbs, spices, tea leaves or pieces of fruits or vegetables in the cup, which is the base of the product.
• The cap has an easy tab that enables you to lift it easily.
• The screw on cover has a gasket that provides a liquid-tight seal (do not remove this).The cover has a large drinking spout that allows for more comfortable drinking. The cover has a strap attached so that the bottle can be carried easily.
• The cap locks in place which ensures it will not open when on the go or when using water with a maximum temperature of 65⁰C.
• The base is sheer and curved so that it is easy to see contents and to hold.
• The juicing cone is fitted to the top of the bottle to juice citrus fruit directly into your water. When not in use it fits securely in place in the bottom of the bottle.
• The base of the bottle is a cup that holds fruits, vegetables, tea leaves, herbs or spices for infusing. It provides a liquid tight seal (gasket must be attached).