Inspirations Bowl – 2,5L

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Consists of:
1x Inspirations Bowl – 2,5L


Features and Benefits:
Features and benefits:
• The decorative rim has an attractive serving image and gives the bowl a comfortable grip for serving.
• The easy release seal is air and liquid-tight and fits on the bowl as a classic round seal.
• The seal is designed so it can loosely cover the bowl on the table just before serving.
• Ideal for food prepared ahead and sealed to store and for transporting to picnics: fresh salads, rice, potato, fruit salad and desserts..
• The angle of the rim makes it easy to pour from the bowl.
• Polished on the inside, the bowl is well shaped for mixing.
• To release the seal, lift the tab with your fingers as you press on the seal with the heel of your hand and lift it off..
*Rims on the seal and on the bottom of the bowl ensure the sealed bowls stack securely.
*When empty the bowls nest for space saving storage.