Inspirations Bowls 4x 400ml

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Consists of:
4x Inspirations Bowls – 400ml


Features and Benefits:
• Compliment the rest of your Inspirations Range with the translucent, coloured, textured low bowls.
• The decorative rim has an attractive serving image and gives the bowl a comfortable grip for serving.
• The easy release seal is air and liquid-tight and fits on the bowl as a classic round seal.
• The seal is designed so it can loosely cover the bowl on the table just before serving.
• The 400ml bowls are convenient for use from fridge to table.
• The rims on the seal and on the bottom of the dish ensure the sealed dishes stack securely in the fridge for food prepared ahead or in the cool bag for carrying on a picnic.
• When empty the dishes nest for space saving storage.