Inspirations Jug – 1,9L

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Consists of:
1x Inspirations Jug – 1,9L


Features and Benefits:
Features and benefits:
● This generous jug, with a capacity of 1,9L, is ideal for every day use, storing and serving cold drinks, juice, water or children’s drinks.
● With the translucent glass-like material it is easy to identify the level of liquid inside.
● Press the cover onto the jug with the deeper edge at the handle.
● To open, press firmly on the back of the ‘easy press’ cover and the cover will open and stay in place as you pour.
● A vent on the cover on the side opposite to the spout lets in air while you pour so the jug will always pour smoothly.
● To close, place your hand on the top of the cover and press down on the front..
● The generous spout is well shaped to pour smoothly and cleanly without drips.
● The unique double handle is really comfortable to hold – it is double for a safe grip where you place your hand, but single where the handle joins the body of the pitcher which leaves space for easy cleaning.
● The jug is carefully designed to fit in the door shelves of the refrigerator, which is a particularly important space saving benefit.
● The jug is spill proof but not liquid-tight so must not be stored on its side.
● The jug is not suitable for hot liquids.