Inspirations Tray

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Consists of:
1 x Inspirations Tray


Features and Benefits:
● the large oval tray has wave shaped handles which reflect the Inspirations design image with the fine textured finished and polished edges.
● the ergonomic handles are textured on the underside and provide a comfortable grip which is secure to hold for carrying.
● as an attractive serving tray it is perfect for home, patio, pool, wherever, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.
● the rim is 2.4cm high, adding extra strength to the tray and helping to prevent contents from slipping off.
● it is large and sturdy enough to carry a stack of dinner plates and glasses safely to set the table and to clear the table.
● the size and shape make this an ideal tray for serving an individual meal.
● with two trays, you can invert one to cover the other and the little knobs and indentations will match to hold the trays lightly together.