Large Strainer


Consists of:
1x Large Strainer


Features and Benefits:
• Space Saver containers are modular and designed to stack in the minimum of space.
• The containers store ‘vertically’, taking up the smallest area of the working or storage surface.
• The Space Saver Squares are modular in three dimensions height, width and length for utilising storage space to a maximum.
• Two Rounds stack on an Oval; two Ovals stack on a Square; a Square and an Oval stack on a Rectangle.
• The tabs on the seals fit into the rims at the corners of the containers to align the seal and as a design feature. Key two tabs on to the two corners nearest to you then slide your thumbs along and tuck the opposite corners into place. Press the centre of the seal gently as you lift one corner to expel the excess air.
• The cutaway polished windows at each end show the contents clearly whichever way the container is on the shelf and add to the unique styling.
• The frosted sheer material is complemented by a choice of colourful seals.
• The capacity and size are molded into the base of each container.