MicroPlus Round – 1,5L

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Consists of:
1x MicroPlus Round – 1,5L


Features and benefits:
* made of strong, durable and high temperature resistant polymer, the MicroPlus will withstand temperatures from — 25°C up to 200°C. Never microwave more than 30minutes.
* the rounded corners allow good microwave penetration for even cooking.
* splines inside the rims together with the fit of the handles create a safe venting system, to prevent a build up of pressure or overflows during cooking.
* the handles are secure for carrying food from the microwave and to serve at the table.
* use oven gloves to remove the MicroPlus from the microwave oven. Lift off the cover away from you so steam doesn’t burn your fingers.
* unbreakable and stain resistant in normal domestic use. Dishwasher safe.
* the MicroPlus Rounds are for defrosting, reheating and cooking in the microwave oven only, not in the conventional oven or under the grill. Do not use to make caramel or popcorn.

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