Microwave Fast Cooker 2L

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Consists of:
1x Microwave Fast Cooker – 2L


Microwave Fast Cooker 2L
Tupperware’s Microwave Fast Cooker combines 2 different cooking methods (Pressure and Microwave cooking) in one product using the best of both to enhance your cooking experience:
• It is a covered container that builds up pressure while cooking in the microwave oven.
• It allows for cooking foods while using a certain amount of liquid.
•In order to quickly build up pressure , no air or liquids escape below a pre-set pressure.
•Thanks to higher temperatures (max 112 °C) reached, the cooking time is dramatically reduced which results in a better food quality (nutrients are retained).
•The inside pressure helps retain flavors and accelerate cooking times when compared to microwave cooking.
•The Microwave Fast Cooker has been tested by external entities and holds a quality certification (CE) from LNE, one of Europe’s leading certification bodies.
•The Microwave Fast Cooker gives extraordinary results: simply place food, pour liquid, set cover, and put it in the microwave.
•Has a full capacity of up to 3L, with indicators of the minimum and maximum volumes to cook.
•The internal surface is completely glossy giving it a very elegant look. At the same time it is protected with color control technology that helps to reduce staining!
•It has two side handles and one central handle for convenient manipulation. The side handles perfectly match the base handles when the product is closed. This way it is very easy and safe to transport your Micro Pressure Cooker.
•Extra pictograms on how to use the Microwave Fast Cooker are etched on the inside of the cover so you can easily see them each time you use it.
•When designing theMicrowave Fast Cooker, we thought about your safety! these are the devices that will make you have an easy and very safe cooking experience: Safety Lock Handle /Pressure Regulator Valve /Pressure Indicator with Pressure Indicator Valve /Silicone Cover Gasket
•The cover has a safety lock handle that locks the Microwave Fast Cooker while closed. It prevents the Microwave Fast Cooker from opening while pressurized.