Multi-Purpose Tongs

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Consists of:
1x Multi-Purpose Tongs


Features and Benefits:
• The Multi-purpose Tongs are composed of 2 parts:
-A head with pins and a specially designed opening in its center to easily drain any leftover liquids;
-A closed head
• It has a comfortable handle which doesn’t require too much force to catch the food and provides a secure feeling when holding.
• The wide tips make it easy to grab and turn the foods easily and the improved pins avoid piercing of soft food.
• Due to the sturdy connection point and large tips, it is not necessary to twist the tongs while applying pressure to grab the food.
• It is perfect to carry small or bigger pieces of food as well (steak, chicken legs, sausages, grab hot cookies from the Baking Sheet, serve cut fruit, etc..).
• The Tongs are also ideal to use as salad tongs and to pick spaghetti from your casserole.
• Use the Tongs upside down or by the tip for very precise handling of small items.
• The opening in the handle allows you to hang the Master Tongs either assembled or disassembled.
• Use separately:
-The open head to easily to lift cooked eggs from hot water, poached eggs from tomato sauce or to taste your spaghetti to see if it’s cooked.
-The closed head to stir, quickly make scrambled eggs, serve cooked rice or potatoes.

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