Pasta Mate – 1,6L

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Consists of:
1x Pasta Mate – 1,6L


Features and Benefits:
• The capacity is suitable for 1.5kg spaghetti, 1.35kg macaroni or other pasta.
• The pasta mate is sheer and stylish for display on the work top, standing upright or lying flat, whichever suits the kitchen. It is very stable when standing upright.
• Firm ribs on two sides of the oval are positioned to provide a flat surface, so the pasta
mate will lie flat. Tiny feet on the ribs hold it slightly above the surface.
• It fits in the cupboard to maximise space and you can stack three high horizontally on
the shelf if you wish.
* The oval shape has the same seal at both ends and with a tab on each side, it is easy
to lift off the seal.
• One end has the dosing holes built in and the consumer can be confident that only one
portion will be served at a time.
• The portion dispensed can be either 100g or 150g.
• The shape fits naturally into your hand and the ribs make you hold it securely as you
dose the pasta with one hand. The Tupperware logo is on the container at the dispensing end.
• Hold the container at an angle and dispense spaghetti from one side, shaking gently to
release a portion into your hand. Do not dispense directly into boiling water.
• To seal, position the seal on the container and press firmly on both circles at the same
time to close. First seal the end with the dispensing holes before filling.
• The ribs are spaced so they are easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.

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