Prism Bowls – 2x 500ml


Consists of:
2x Prism Bowls – 500ml


Features and Benefits:
• Sophisticated and Glass Appearance – with a three dimensional diamond pattern, this modern bowl is made from polycarbonate and is designed to emulate classic glass. Light reflects off the diamond design. This enhances the appearance of food in the bowl and the overall dining setting. The seal has a subtle finish complementing the bowls delicate diamond design..
• The bowl has a liquid tight seal to protect bowl contents before and after serving. Perfect for use in the fridge as different flavours can’t transfer into the bowl contents. The liquid tight seal also stops foods from drying out and is designed in such an attractive way it can be used on the table and removed just before dining. This keeps contents fresh right up to when needed.
• The seal is easy to remove and apply. When applied the seal creates a flat surface. Other bowls can be
stacked on top – convenient and practical for the cupboard or fridge.
• Use the bowl individually or with other products from the Prisms Range. Its elegant appearance will blend in with any dining table and any occasion.
• This bowl can be used for hot and cold foods.
• When not in use for serving this beautiful bowl can be used as a decorative piece.
• This serving bowl holds 500ml – a generous size for snacks e.g.: warm devilled nuts, dips or chocolates.
• With a high gloss finish this bowl requires hand washing only. Rinse and dry well to maximize the reflective light effect.
• When not in use these bowls stack inside each other or into other bowls from the Prisms Range saving space.