Reheatable Luncher and Eco Bottle – 1L

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Consists of:
1x Eco Bottle – 1L
1x Reheatable Luncher


Features and Benefits:
Reheatable Luncher:
• A compact and handy size that fits into a school or business bag, ideal for students and office workers.
• The Reheatable Luncher is compact yet big enough for a meal, is shaped to optimize space in the bag and pleasant to eat from.
• The liquid tight seal makes it perfect to transport all kind of juicy dishes as well as dry ones and avoid leakage or smells.
• Meals which have been cooked in advance can be stored in the refrigerator directly in the Reheatable Luncher, ready to carry it with you and reheat in the microwave: all in the same container.
• The unique liquid tight silicone venting valve on the seal of the lunch box, when manually pushed in the open position, will release steam while reheating, and the seal will prevent splashing in the microwave.
• Ensure the silicone valve is open when reheating and closed when storing..
Eco Bottle:
• The Eco Bottle is a sustainable solution: ideal for home water conservation, reusable, and environmentally friendly.
• The Eco Bottle 1L with Flip Top Cap is the perfect and sustainable solution for taking on-the-go water or any other non-carbonated, cold liquids.
• The Easy Drink Cap is designed to make it more comfortable to drink directly from the bottle. The small opening safely regulates the flow while drinking from it.
• Thanks to the sturdy hinge, the cap stays in open position while drinking.
• Ideal for on-the-go purposes as you can easily drink from it while walking, doing sports or any other outdoor activity.
• Carry your water on-the-go in the refillable and reusable Eco Bottle (1L) – take care of your health and the planet!
• Eco Bottle is 100% BPA free!