Quick Shake – 500ml

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Consists of:
1x Quick Shake – 500ml


Features and Benefits:
Features and benefits:
● Perfect for mixing, pouring and storing.
● The cover has a non-drip pouring spout with a liquid tight cap. This allows to pour the liquid directly from the Quick Shake into bowls, tumblers etc..
● The cover has a capacity of 175ml
● The blending insert ensures optimal blending or mixing. This insert can be removed so a hand blender can be used in the Quick Shake..
● The seal has a pouring spout so it’s not necessary to remove the seal to pour.
● The seal is easy to open and enables to keep the content longer fresh and to store the Quick Shake until ready to use.
● The sheer container is graduated to 500ml so you can measure ingredients, then shake to mix. The shape is easy to hold with the finely textured non-slip finish.
● The blender helps to blend foods thoroughly.
● The seal has a separate pouring spout so it’s not necessary to remove the seal to pour.
● Simply fill with ingredients to a maximum of about three-quarters full. Seal. Make sure the pouring spout is firmly sealed, then with one finger firmly over the rim of the pouring seal, shake vigorously.
● Open the cap seal and pour with spout to one side.
● There are two positions / functions on this insert: open for filling or draining to prevent pouring long food such as herbs or ice cubes.
● The cap is attached to the cover, ensures that the cap pivots flat and stays open while drinking. The cap flips out of the way of drinking and will stay in place.
● The shape of the Quick Shake is designed to make it more comfortable to drink directly from the bottle. The small opening safely regulates the flow while drinking from it.
● Thanks to this cap, the spout is protected from dirt; a hygienic solution. The tab on the cap makes it easy to open
● The generous, free flowing spout enables you to drink at the speed you want.
● When you take off the cover, the wide opening of the bottle makes it easy to clean and refill.