Snack Store Mosaic – 2x 2,9L

Original price was: R410.00.Current price is: R319.00.

Consists of:
2x Snack Store Mosaic – 2,9L


Features and Benefits:
• Multifunctional containers to store freshly baked goods, biscuits, muffins, pies, samoosas and sweet treats.
• Each Snack Store features a modern mosaic pattern, which looks good on the counter, in the cupboard and in the fridge.
• A large tab on each seal makes it easier to open, besides a clear improved seal fitting that will also help when closing.
• To be more in line with the products released these last years, a prominent Tupperware logo
is etched on each seal.
• The textured inside and outside base withstands scratching.
• The square containers are designed for stackable, space-saving storage.

Colour – Wild Mulberry
Base Colour – Water Emberglow, Sheer Wild Mulberry
Dimensions – 24,5cm x 24,5cm x 8cm high