SpaceSaver Oval Set

Original price was: R1,139.00.Current price is: R399.00.

Consists of:
1x SpaceSaver Oval No.1 – 500ml
1x SpaceSaver Oval No.2 – 1.1L
1x SpaceSaver Oval No.3 – 1.7L
1x SpaceSaver Oval No.4 – 2.3L
1x SpaceSaver Oval No.5 – 2.9L


SpaceSaver Oval Set – available in Purple Daisy, Black & Vineyard
That spring clean feeling everyday! Feel more “aah” moments everyday when you open your pantry.
This set of space saving, modular and stackable containers has transformed food storage in the modern kitchen, storing foods ready to use and making complete use of cupboard space..

Features and Benefits:
• Space Saver containers are modular and designed to stack in the minimum of space.
• The containers store ‘vertically’, taking up the smallest area of the working or storage surface.
• The airtight seals are the same size for all containers. The tabs align the seal and also are a design feature.
• The Space Savers fit in the hand to lift and to pour. The oval seal locks open to pour.
• The cutaway polished windows at each end show the contents whichever way the container is on the shelf and add to the unique styling. The fine frosted finish of this sheer material is complemented by the colourful seals.
• The capacity and number are moulded into the base of each container.