Speedy Mando Slicer


1x Speedy Mando Slicer


Speedy Mando Slicer

Slice with every movement to save you time.

Time saver – Our preparation tools make sure that you can enjoy the time spent in the
kitchen or that which you have left to do other things…

Features and Benefits:
The Speedy Mando is a slicer everyone will use in their kitchen.
Whenever the ingredients are too small to hold with a finger protector, the Speedy Mando offers you a solution thanks to the food guider.
Thanks to the food guider the ingredient stays in place and can be sliced. The plunger makes using the Speedy Mando as safe as using the known finger protector.
The blade is sharp on both sides. With each movement of the food guider and plunger the ingredient is being sliced.
Anti-skid feet keep the Speedy Mando stable and secure on any countertop.
Thanks to the compact size, the Speedy Mando finds a place to stay even in the smallest kitchen!
Everyone knows that precut food is always more expensive than food in one piece.
Save money when you prepare toppings for a braai with salad, such as onions, pickles, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, radishes, ginger, olives, nuts and parmesan cheese. Get the buffet ready in no time with an amazing variety of fresh toppings.
If you love drinking tea with ginger, slice your fresh ginger. You will see that this tea will taste a delectable and as fresh as it could ever be.