Square Divided Dish 3x 550ml

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Consists of:
3x Square Divided Dish 550ml


Features and Benefits:
Features and benefits:
● The Square Divided Dish has 3 compartments: one large (330ml) and two smaller ones (110ml).
● It’s a perfect Bentobox for kids; In the large compartment you can place a portion of rice, pasta, potatoes, sandwich etc. In the 2 smaller compartments it is possible to accommodate smaller portions of vegetables or even fruits such as strawberries and grapes…
●Ergonomic design with large tabs on both the base and the seal. The tabs make it easy to open and close.
●Compact size for taking in school backpacks or even in a handbag.
●Perfect for work, school, picnic, travel, etc.
●Carry just one container instead of three.
●Prepare in advance and keep fresh in the refrigerator until needed…