Stackable Freezer Mate – 2x 675ml

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Consists of:
2x Stackable Freezer Mate – 675ml


Features and Benefits:
• Save time by batch cooking your food in advance, split your food into portions and then reheat it later in a microwave safe product.
• The two containers snap together using only one seal so they take up less space in your freezer. When you’re ready, thaw and cook portions as needed.
• While designed to preserve food in the freezer, these also work great in your fridge!
• The seal has a spill proof closure. A tab on the corner allows for easy opening..
• The rim around the top of the container and seal makes for easy stacking. Safely stack on top of each other, clipping in on the sides.
• The curved bottoms allow cool air to circulate and freeze foods quickly.
• The flexible material lets food expand while making it easier to remove contents. Very durable even at low freezing temperatures.
• Etched bottom helps hide scratches and makes them easy to handle.
• Max fill line allows for maximum air flow to help preserve food longer.