That’s a Bowl – 3x 1,4L


Consists of:
3x That’s a Bowl – 1,4L


Features and Benefits:
● The Tupperware classic round seal locks in freshness and flavour making this handy mixing bowl an all-purpose bowl.
● The bowl is a comfortable shape to hold and the very slightly domed bottom helps to make mixing easier and smoother.
● The thumb loop built into the rim has a rounded ring on the underside so it is comfortable for the thumb to fit through for a sturdy grip and a handle.
● The high gloss bowl has a finely etched finish inside which is not easily scratched during mixing.
● The bowl is lightweight so you only hold the weight of the ingredients.
● The shape and handle also have the advantage of making it easy to pour batters or to spoon mixtures from the bowl.

Perfect product to take on-the-go:
● For picnicking, boating, caravanning or camping
● For children’s snacks such as fresh fruit salads, candy or chips
● To bring a healthy cold soup or chopped vegetables to work
● Easy to place in a child’s backpack or in a purse thanks to it’s convenient size

Ideal product to store:
● Small quantities of leftovers from your meals
● Leftover snacks for later: olives, gherkins, mini sausages, cherry tomatoes, cut cucumbers or carrots, etc.

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