Universal Cookware Set


Consists of:
1x Frying Pan with Coating – 24cm
1x Stockpot – 4L
1x Stockpot – 7L


Universal Cookware Set benefits are:

Large Bakelite handles – designed to be comfortable to grab and give a feeling of safety.

Encapsulated Bottom – three ply (1 layer of aluminum between 2 layers of stainless steel) makes cookware suitable for all type of stovetops. It prevents warping, ensures fast heating and even heat distribution.

Waterless Cooking – the weighted glass cover allows for waterless cooking. Locks in nutrients and vitamins, preserves the taste of your food and creates delicious, healthy cooking without fat.

Glass Cover – enables you to view contents while cooking.

poon Rest on Cover – makes it easy to rest your utensils on top and keep your countertops mess free.

Calibration – measure markings on inside makes it easy to measure and add up liquids.

Space Saving – the three sizes nest perfectly to optimize space in drawers and cupboards.

Tupperware logo on handle – every detail counts!