Warmie-Tup – 1,3L


Consists of:
1x Warmie-Tup – 1,3L


Features and Benefits:
• The double walled insulation is achieved by nesting the inner bowl into the outer bowl. This creates an air gap between the walls that acts as an insulating barrier, providing the perfect insulation
• For best results, the inner bowl should be filled to the max fill line and the opening on the cover closed. This will provide optimal heat retention – keeping most foods hot (+60°C) for 90 minutes
• When there is no need to insulate the food, the inner and outer bowls may also be used separately.
• Outer bowls can be used as a stand alone serving item and they are perfect for serving cold food & dishes: Salads, Fruit, Bread et
• To avoid staining do not serve hot dishes or foods with colorful ingredients (curry, tomato paste etc.) in the outer bowl.
• Large opening on the cover to rest your Serving Spoon – to create space for the Serving Spoon, turn the cover 90° and align the knob to the non-handle side of the bowl
• Please note, that for microwave reheating the cover should always be in the open position.
• Large and easy to grab handle on the cover. A hook on the knob of the cover that allows it to rest vertically on the rim of the outer bowl. This allows the moisture to drain back into the container.
• The handles make the bowl easy to assemble and disassemble and provide a secure grip for carrying food to the table.
• Dual bowl system creates an insulating air gap between the walls of the outer and inner bowl.
• Perfect insulation! Performance of the Insulated Serving range = 90 minutes at 60°C