Warmie Tup Spoon

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Consists of:
1x Warmie Tup Spoon


Features and Benefits:
● Designed to fit all the Warmie Tup bowls without falling into the food.
● Large opening on the cover to rest your Serving Spoon – to create space for the Serving Spoon, turn the cover 90° and align the knob to the non-handle side of the bowl
● Perfect for generous servings of up to 90 ml (liquid).
● Is not heat resistant and should not be used on hot surfaces. It is only recommended to use the Spoon for serving purposes, not for cooking.
● Never place the Serving Spoon inside the Microwave or Steam Oven..

Base Colour – Dewberry
Dimensions – 26 (L) x 7.9 (W) x 5.8 (H) cm