XtremAqua™ Freezable Bottle (880ml)


Consists of:
1 x XtremAqua™ Freezable Bottle – 880ml


Features and Benefits:

XtremAqua is the first product ever in the world produced with this innovative material.

Very high impact resistance – tested with water and even when frozen and dropped from a 1.5m height, it is unbreakable.

100% freezer-proof – withstands water expansion when freezing and therefore does not crack/break.

Keeps fresh water cool up to 8 hours, after frozen.

Cool control design – ridges around the bottle make it comfortable to hold when frozen and reduce contact area between bottle and hands.

Maximum filling line – indicates the maximum amount of water you can fill in the bottle if you want or freeze it.

100% dishwasher-proof

100% leak-proof

Truly sustainable – reduce disposable plastic by refilling and reusing the XtremAqua Bottle.

Fill with fresh water, freeze and enjoy cool water all day long at home, at the office, at the gym, at the beach or on-the-go!